Who are we?

We are a boutique firm offering full educational services, which indicatively include:

More info about us

Our founder is a University of Oxford graduate who has formed an experienced team of consultants and tutors to provide assistance to students throughout their career path, starting from school, by offering career and university counselling, assisting and advising them with respect to their university applications and also offering tutoring services for university students for several courses. 

Our team is also dedicated to assisting all kinds of business by providing educational courses and translations services upon request.

Why would someone choose us?

The answer is simple: Because we care! Each service we provide is tailor-made to your needs, our goal is to make your life easier and for you to achieve all your goals, hence we are 24/7 available for anything you may need.

University and Career Counselling

As university counsellors we have formed strong partnerships with UK and Non – UK universities, as well as with accommodation providers. We are always available to assist you and provide you with tailor-made career advice. We offer guidance at each stage of the university application process, including interview and test preparation, but our services do not stop there, we are available to assist you with any matter throughout your studies. Our goal is to assist all of our students to gain admission to their preferred universities.

Tutoring and Essay Proofreading

Our team consists of experienced tutors in a number of subject areas who are always available to assist you with your exam preparation, with essay and dissertation proofreading and advice, as well as with any other service you may need. Our team is full of bright and exceptional minds in their areas of expertise and use innovative learning techniques in order to ensure your will achieve your goals.


Our translators are experts in the requested language and where requested we can provide you with certified translations. We have strong links with large Cyprus and multi-national companies, for which we provide translation services, we can meet the strictest deadlines and we always deliver work of the highest quality.

We are a boutique firm offering full educational services.

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